The Island of Eleuthera is a part of the archipelago of The Bahamas. Eleuthera means 'freedom' in Greek and is the epitome of that feeling and experience. Escape to a time when things were simpler, quieter and just more laid back.

Back in the day, there were no mega resorts, casinos or traffic lights for that matter. Eleuthera is still that way! Step into another time and space by unplugging and becoming one with nature again. 

Drive the only main road on the island from north to south (on the left please) stopping in different settlements to meet and greet friendly and very helpful but somewhat shy Bahamians. Find out how life is different from your everyday existence by chatting the afternoon away drinking an ice cold Kalik on a fishing dock waiting for the catches of the day to arrive. Stop by and spend a few unhurried minutes selecting beautiful bounty from the local farmers tenderly caring for their mangos, pineapples, papayas, bananas or whatever happens to be in season when you visit.

Visit the many little shops, take aways, bakeries and stands where Bahamians have their best to offer their island visitors! Always ready for an exchange, take advantage of the chance to ask questions and learn something unique from the lovely and extremely happy locals! The Bahamas were voted top in the happiest countries and you will soon know why!

Sleep to the sounds of the surf, wake to a sun rising over the ocean (rather than an alarm) stepping out onto your beach for a morning swim with dolphins, turtles or whoever is passing by. Run the beach or sandy beach road to open your day.

Pristine waters await you with the clearest turquoise colors imaginable! Picture seeing your toes at the bottom of the water resting in the pink sand as you stand in the tide. Yes, pink sand, which is caused by the constant washing of the coral reefs surfside loosening the foraminifera which are tiny marine creatures with red and pink shells that live in the coral that surrounds the island.