On demand hot water heater saves water.

Cisterns collect rain water which is the only source of water on the property.

Grey water is used in landscaping.

Reverse Osmosis drinking water rather than plastic bottled water.

Low flush toilets.

Cross ventilation, ceiling fans and the houses are built on poles which naturally cools the houses eliminating the need for air conditioning except on the hottest summer days.

Regular beach cleaning.

Supporting local programs teaching reading to children with learning disabilities and facilitate donations from our guests.

Gifts for guests come from local organic farmers or bakers.

Local Bahamian couple cooks for our guests and presents authentic cooking methods using locally sourced ingredients. (Photo below)

Property hand cleared leaving natural vegetation.

In season fishing only allowed.

All furnishings built and designed by local crafts people.

All appliances low energy efficient

Thatch harvested on the property used for beach pulapas.

Fruits grown on the property for guests' gifts include coco plums, sea grapes, passion fruit, coconuts, surinam cherries and carissa plums all when in season.

Fresh harvested coconut water awaits you.

Glass and aluminum cans recycled.

Cardboard and food waste composted.

Kitchen towels used instead of paper towels to limit generation of waste which saves trees and water.

Water consumption and energy consumption monitored to save our planet.

Locally sourced products and workers used throughout the property. 

Sheets recycled into crocheted bath mats by local artist.

Regional wonderland for locally made arts, crafts, foods and clothing.

Lots of tree planting!



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Our Assistant Caretakers, Jeremy and Anna, extraordinaire!

Always there to help!